Learning Coding is easy!

Yeah, you heard me right. It is simple then I thought about! With examples of course.

Before this I try to learn coding of HTML and CSS just by borrowing HTML and CSS books, but hell I don’t understand what they all talking about! All the words I read based on Alien language, for me.

I was so frustrated about it and decided not to continue reading the books. After awhile of lingering around, I suddenly stumbled upon my friend’s blog. He has such an amazing template. I wonder how he did that. Then I sms him to know more about it.

“I just copy and paste from the Internet. I googled it and then did some customization and walah! You got me there,” said him.

But that wasn’t enough for me. I want to see how he work with it. Last Thursday we met and have some tutorial session. Wow! He did that just by using try and error technique. He is not a computer science student but he is a computer geek, just like me.

He showed me how he googled and edit the coding in HTML code. Basically he used blogspot as it allows its users to edit HTML while WordPress has no function for that.

After that, I do appreciate blogspot more than WordPress, although WordPress themes and its dashboard have professional look. Before this I did have a thought of changing to WordPress for my main blog, but after that incident, well, blogspot still have place in my heart.

So what with me writing it in WordPress blog? Well, I too need to explore the possibility of WordPress. It is better for me to have more choices as I will buy my own self domain. I see that WordPress dashboard is the best. It is better for me to get hang of it before I use it as my dashboard for my self domain blog later.

After seeing my friend, I explore the world of Google search in order to find the right template for my blog. I found many websites offer great design. I choose one, but later change it because it was more to formal one. I just want my blog to be more catchy and up to trend. After all, I’m a youth of Malaysia. We love updates for sure.

Then I found this great template. Easy to use and look simple and creative. But how can I apply try and error technique if I can’t apply it directly to my blog? I don’t want to ruin my main blog.

Then an idea pop up in my mind. Why don’t I just make a new blog as my alpha and beta test blog. I can apply the template and all sort of widget there. I can see what’s working and what’s not. I too don’t need to worry about any possibility of my blog might get broken. After all it is just a test blog.

So I named it test blog. My first step was change its navigator title and link. It is not hard for me as from where I took the codes, I can just make a comparison between the code and see how the code will function. If I got it wrong, I just undo the code.

Before that, I make sure I backup all the code first. Means that after every successful editing, I save it somewhere on my laptop. In case anything happen I will have a copy of the coding.

Eventually when I edit the code, I learn the code itself and how its function to my blog. I see a lot of possibilities of mixing my blog with all sort of coding which I got it from other template. That is why it’s more easy to learn by try and error technique if you have the gut.


Keep it clean, please

Last Saturday a good friend of me, Jo came to my house to teach me how to cook bone soup. I don’t know much how to cook cow’s bone. What I did was just referring to cook book in order to cook.

It’s different having a mentor than having reading a book. I learn a lot just by seeing him cooking and hearing tips from his mouth.

One of the most important things he said was to keep all clean. He learn it from his mother. She is a strict person about cleanness  It then inherited by him. I wonder how strict his mom his? “You know, if I forget to throw rubbish bag plastic, it then will be on my bed,” said him.

All of materials to cook must keep clean. All must be washed thoroughly so that no contamination happen. Before this, I just wash vegetables and all sort of cooking materials slightly. For me, in the end it will put inside our mouth and then go straight to our stomach.

“That is why people easily get cancer,” said him.

We start by cutting onions and garlic. The onion and garlic were sure a lot as I never cook with more than 5 onion and garlic. Jo said that this was because we will cook in a big pot. The materials must be enough so that the food will taste good.

Is there will be any seasoning like Ajinomoto? Nope, he said. He prefer natural taste, although he did put Chicken cubes in the soup.

While cooking I too need to wash utensils used. Before this I thought it was better to wash all the utensils after the foods are ready to eat. But Jo insist that the behavior is not appropriate as we cook we too must make sure the surrounding around the kitchen clean.

This will make our kitchen clean and easy to use. More over, less work after cook and we can enjoy our meal better.

He too used newspapers as a lining while chopping vegetables. Well, I had learned this before from my friend.

At first I thought not to cook rice as I will send all of the foods to my friends room to be enjoyed together, then the rain pouring hard outside my kuarters. Then Jo insist in teaching me a technique to cook great rice. He put some onion, lemon grass and ginger in rice pot cooked together with the rice. It was a great deal to attract people to eat rice. It will smell better if putted together with pandan leaf.

For me, it was alright if occasionally cook rice with coconut milk but not good if cooked regularly. We might get heart attack as coconut milk is rich with cholesterol.

Later after the soup and rice cooked, it was time to put all of that together on a dinner table. I watched he used the technique he learned while he was working as a waiter in 5 stars hotel.

He organized it neatly and it sure looks excellent. It was far different from what my family was used to. We will just put foods on plates and nothing need to be done to decorate it. That is why I don’t bother much about food taste as long as it can eaten.

The soup taste great. I love it. On that day, I learn a lot from him. Cleanness is the main thing I should consider when I cook. This make our foods different from what hawkers and restaurants all around Malaysia. With cleanness, it teach me about how important to stay on course while cooking.

Am I talking too much?


Sometimes, I just love to talk with my friends to relieve my tension, yet I didn’t realize that my behavior is also affecting the friends all around me. It seems that something is not alright with me talking much about myself rather than talking about new ideas and all.

One of my friends kind of critics me saying that most of our conversation was all about me. He said that I’m self eccentric. I was shocked to learn that. Even focusing to them and then talked about myself isn’t enough to make them realize I too listen to their self eccentric complain. Maybe there is something need to be done.

When he said about me talking too much, I suddenly felt the atmosphere when I was in matriculation. That is the dark age of my social skills. Kind of creepy for me to reminisce it. Oh well, I can simplified it as I done many bad things in my social group at that time.

Later after some working experienced and promise that I had said to myself, I tried my best to avoid doing the same mistakes. Time went by quickly and I soon still got few friends I hang around. I never give a thought about it. Only after I graduated then I realized about it. The scene when my friend criticized me, seems jeopardizing my effort of having many friends.

But I just want to say thank you to him for advising me that. I know I’m not a perfect person because there is no such things as a perfect human both mentally and physically. We human always do mistakes and that is why we need other human to advice us as people around us knows the best about us.

Sometimes I can’t accept the criticism made about me. My emotion will shut down for any new social meeting. I want to evaluate the criticism and rejuvenate myself to a new level. With that I hope I can instill new way of thinking inside my mind.

Eventually, talking too much makes my relationships between my friends hurt. It showed how arrogant of me talk like I’m the one who knows the world. I got the knowledge and others need to ask me about it. It just that, I talk about myself is to share the information I got with others. I want to discuss my experience with others. I just want to initiate a conversation between me and them. So that later they will talk about themselves. We can share ideas and experience.

Yeah. I know. Most of the times I too want to share my experience as when they shared their experience, it kind of similar with the one I had too. So why not I too talked about it? And that was when my experiment came to its conclusion. I should listen more and talk less. Let my friends talk and I just listen and guide them through asking them in the conversation.

I too noticed that when I talk too much, my ideas of the world became less and less. I can generate new and great ideas only when I talk  alone. Kind of self dialog. When I share my ideas with friends, my objective was to brag that I do have an idea about life. I think that is why I can’t talk too much.

I need to keep my ideas private. Let just me know about it and make a habit of asking people questions. I found that people just love to share knowledge they got. Especially about any experience they had in their life. Old man especially love to talk about the experience they have in the past. I can take note about it and imply it in my life with adjustment to changes.

My perception can be deceived!


Looks like I just being shot by my supervisor just this afternoon. All because I don’t understand the real meaning of what he wanted from me. Now I understand. I need to do more.

He before this had given me a simple task which I had been procrastinating it until now. Oh well. I need to change it. Facebook can be a bad place for me to linger around. It really consumed my time. Really!

I had read an ebook calling how the age of information today can be age of distraction also. I can’t denied it as I too being consumed by all sort of distractions.

My priority right now is to finish my study with excellent knowledge. Result will come later. But I’ve been distracted by things I wasn’t suppose to do about. It’s all because of myself that doesn’t have any discipline. Kind of sad for me to know it.

Yup. My mistake is my own damn fault. I have no one to blame about it. So how can I recover from this? Well, for a start I write about it here. That is a start. I have realize it is wrong to fully focus my life on Facebook only. What I need is to focus in real things like reading and enjoy some classic musics.

But wait. Do I need to abundant all the things I like to spare my time with? Like Facebook, email, and books? Well, I need to reshape my priority first. Then management on other things will come flawlessly, I guest.

I perhaps need to clean and organize my room again. I do things aren’t the way it suppose to be. I know that a mess filing systems will affect my environment, yet my perception had deceived that it is nothing. And you see what I did.

Also I need to try to maintain my priority every day. Yup. Or else I will lost. I just need to grasp the basic principle what is important t me come first. If not I will lose in the epic battle of me.

Then I wonder how can I keep up with myself to write if I will be busy all day with other work? Well, by just write like this I eventually has train myself to become a prolific author. Oh yeah~

Generating ideas straightly pure from my thoughts without any barrier of contamination. Do I need to purify it later or net it with other thoughts? It is something to think about.

It just, right now what important for me is just to write and write so that I can believe and say to myself, Izham, you are a writer!

My 600 words challenge can be challenged you know. To write what I thought today and not running from title I set instantly while I have the time to write. Maybe mind mapping first can get my head a good start of thinking.

But then, what can I do to mapping it inside my head? My mind will wonder about my perception then.

What had deceived my mind is my own thought. Really. My mind and thought is just like pal. They love and hate each other. That is why I need some sort of organization to hold them together.

Well, conjunction can work for them, I guest. Let we rejuvenate the things that we can’t do in our life by doing it little by little and slowly by slowly. Eventually I will get a grasp of what makes my writing tick and then I can change my perception to a more better quality of life.

Reading all sort of journals


Journals can be pain in the neck you know. Trying to figure out what its writers wrote about. Sometimes I just don’t get it what the thing he write. Seriously.

Right now I need to search journals related with L-methinonine so that I can relate it together with my will going research. While googling (yeah, you know what I mean), I found all sort of journals. But then most of them are not exactly the title I want. Could the information in it be useful to me?

From my experience, there will be no such journal. My pot of luck if I get one. What I can do is to match the information in the journals in my hand with the title I want to produce or sort of it.

Sometimes (or I can say most of the time) I stuck with different journals from all sort of country. Like the one I had found, it related with French. Well, you know what it meant. Most of the articles are in French! This suddenly make me frustrated. I want to learn France now!

Oh. I forgot. Google translate was there to help me. Silly me not to use it earlier. Heh.

Searching journals using google can be sometimes hard. So it is better to use Google Scholar so that google with search it specifically  I wonder do google scholar match with Science Direct database?

Most of the time I search journals in Science Direct website. It contains most of the journals I want. And sometimes I hit the jackpot. Quite lucky I was.

I did search at other journals websites but my university library is not subscribing most of the journals in there. Quite frustrating for to know it. Then when the Google Scholar really help me a lot. Just by typing the full title of the journal, I was able to find the exact journal without hassle. Goog google.

After reading the journals, if I find it interesting and related with my topics, I will printed it. This will ease my reading as I had to read it on my laptop. Kind of tiring me out. Also I can scribble on the journal’s pages if I found something unique on it. While in pdf mode, I can just high light it using mouse cursor. It won’t last long and hard for me to refer it back after I closed it. I even need to on my laptop just to read a journal. Lame.

They say save papers but I say save your hassle then. I live in developing country. What do I need to care much for that? So called developed countries have no right to say that when they have technology after they destroy their own forest.

Alright. I do sometimes I agree that we need to save papers (or save my money from overdose printing cost). I will print 2 pages crammed into one page. Then I will choose duplex setting. It will make the journal thinner, lighter, and easy to carry around. I like it. With that I don’t have any hassle to bring it all around the campus to show that I do read journals in my life.

According my experiences, reading all sort of things in journals aren’t that fun. For me what initiate for me to read a journal is just by previewing its introduction. If it has catchy and cramped with information I needed, then I will consider it good. Its result is second for me.

With this age of Google, everything seems so easy with us bundled with so many information all around the world. Journals from all sort of languages can be found yet, it is up to us to choose and relate it with our life.

K-Pop sensation in Malaysia


Just now a friend of mine shared a news regarding a K-Pop concert that will be held in Malaysia and considered as the biggest one combining 9 famous K-pop artists. Wow! Amazing. I wonder how many fans will be there. Before this around 15,000 fans had arrived just to watch Big Bang performed 27th October ago.

It is amazing to know that Samsung spend almost RM 4 millions just for that kind of concert. I bet they sure want the revenue back by promoting fans to buy their next will be touch HP.

Then I realized that I too need to know more about K-Pop before I review it as part of my next article. I intend to send one to any kind of magazine hoping that they will accept mine though I’m still less confidence on my writing.

I just got blank when I want to write. It seems that I become lost. Maybe I need to make a set of questions before I write so that I then can gather information based on what I ask myself.

So what it is about K-Pop? According to Wikipedia K-Pop involves dances, electronic, electropop, hip hop, rock and R&B. And like what!? I understand about it. Just say that K-Pop is sort of Korean musics blend with Western music cultured by the Asian which is the Korean?

That will much easier for me to understand. I wonder how on earth a song sung mostly in Korean language can be one of the top in American billboard chart? Hey don’t tell me you never heard it. It was all around the air. Or maybe you live somewhere that doesn’t connected to radio, at least.

I had watched its video and nothing sensation for me to watch it again. I can’t say that I don’t know what people love about it. The song kind of catchy and the video shows a dance that never been seen before this. A horse dance, I guest.

Then we can talk about Big Bang. I only watch series of The Big Bang Theories, a comedy series about a bunch of geek people trying to live normal life, I guest.

I had watched one of their videos. I was amazed by how they made their videos so techno. Quite the opposite of what Malaysian artists would there to do it as the cost can rise more than RM1k could strike them to death!

How about their music then? Well, I don’t understand a bit of what they blabbering about. Too much jibbed jabber, said Sheldon in TBBT. Although, their beats can make my heart went along with the rhythm. Maybe that is what Wikipedia saying about electronic or electropop or something like that?

I don’t know. What I know is that the K-Pop sensation is way popular among the girls. Kind of creepy to know if my girlfriend one of their fan. I’m sure she will always brag about how handsome they are than me. Urhg!!!?

So do I agree for them to come to Malaysia? Hell no! They will only promoting bad culture and ettique especially the way they wearing. Urgh! Too much pornography if you asked me. Too sexy for even a guy like me to watch.

I do think Samsung sales sure going up after promoting Big Bang as part of their artists sponsored by them. Well, can they beat Apple then? Maybe a bite or two but not as a whole. Apple still maintained their quality standard while Samsung should collaborate with android developer in making a really stable OS so that both hardware and software will work smoothly.

In the end, K-Pop still will have its up and down. My concern is will their down will be late for Malaysian to realize the bad that their had inject into our youth?


Languages that make me terrific!


For Malaysians, most of us at least can speak more than our own native language. It is sort of uniqe for most of us. I can speak Malay and English. Then I try to speak Mandarin, but I still more practice in that.

I learn Malay since I was born. It is my mother tongue language while I learn English start from I entered primary school. Since then I learn a lot about my native language and English.

Then, I interested to learn Mandarin as I have the Chinese look. It will be a waste for me if I don’t learn it. I decided to take a class of learning Mandarin just after I finished my SPM. It is kind of wasting my money I guest. I learn a little about Mandarin words.

Later when I enter university, I decided to take Mandarin class as my university offer up until level 3. I need to start from below. Since then I learn a lot about Mandarin. I learn how to say hello and greets people. Then I learn more when I entered level 2. And more when I entered level 3.

But it is sad when I learn only for sake of something and didn’t take the chance to practice with my Chinese friends. I was a bit shy then. Well, I should not do that. I should outcome my spirit to learn about other languages. There is no racial issue here.

It’s about one learning. That’s all.

Then I want to learn Arabic. It seems that I really can get a grasp of many languages as I grow with watching a lot of different dramas from around the world. I watched Spanish, Philippine  Thailand, Indonesian, American, British, Mandarin, Cantonese, Tamil, Hindustan and of course Malay dramas. That all had make my vocabulary about the language around the world diverse. I kind of like it.

One thing though, jack of all trade, but master of none. That can be me. Right now I try to master both language I use in every day of my life. Well, it’s kind of hard to practice it.

I try my best to write it on my blog then.