Creating the best of me

Looks like after reading a two or three articles about writing, I’ve decided to continue to write on this blog. Before this I had decided to close it down as I don’t know what the hell I wrote it here. Mostly I wrote things that just popup out of my mind and emotion. That was not a good sign of writing though.

Anyway, I need to start to write to level 1 again. I want to become a baby who is learning how to write properly. Well, I can crawl but until when I will start walking? I don’t to crawl in my whole life in this hectic arena. Writing is a must for me if I want to achieve what I have dreamed about since I was a child – successful writer.

Oh well, I need to start put some oil on my gears especially my head and hand. Both of them need to be clear. My mind need to guide my hand what to write while my hand need to guide my mind the beauty and easy of writing on the keyboard.

Actually it is hard to write without the guidance of something like a draft of what to write. Like now. I write bluntly thinking what to relate to the title written by me. I might lead me to a good article, but it will not always be like that. Most of the time the writer’s block will haunted me more than what I might get.

I’m thinking about to make a rough draft every time I want to write something on this blog. I can make a simple mind map. At least that can train my mind to think more creatively rather than stuck with one idea and don’t know how to expand it.

Eventually, I need to produce ideas from what I have rather than what I don’t have. That is what the best of me I can get.


Entering the hard zone

Oh well, that is what I suppose to have when I was in first year. I should busy myself doing all sort of things. It just only recently I try my best to be busy as possible. I know when I enter this busy zone it also means I entered the hard zone. I need to be tough then.

Many works need to be done. I need to reorganize back my time schedule and do better. I need to set my best priority of what I need to do and what I need not to do.

Well, that will be hard if I always enter Facebook to look around what is new around me. I kind of hate it. Facebook really make my world go round yet it also kills most of my time. I feel that I have nothing to do except than looking flawlessly on Facebook. Reading what’s the latest and trendy nowadays.

Well, I need to cut that. I need to stay focus. I need to look what I need to achieve this week. And that is what will I do right now. My first aim to be able to answer test 2 excellently without any doubt.

Then I need to focus in achieving great result about my tutorial report. I have start not to send it. That is hard for me though. I spent to much wondering what will I do in life, yet I have found it in front of me – to become a writer.

My greatest dream is to become a very famous writer. Yeah. Famous. If I famous then it means I have achieve like what JK Rowling had done in her life. Writing novels that can attract people to read.

I want my race to read more. I want to share the joy of reading. But how? I just don’t know how if I just see blank pages every single day. I should start filling all the blank pages with my pen and not with my mind.

Only with that then people will be able to see what I had done to achieve my aim.

I have a bad habit of telling people what will I do, yet I will not actually do that thing if the people I say don’t gave a good response of what I said. That shows how bad my attitude of doing things only when I want to brag about it. That is really really bad.

I should not do that as that will actually kill my achievement in life. I have 4 more days to finish what I had start. On 28th November, I will focus 100% in developing my organization website.

I need to understand more how my organization work and its objective so that I can reflect it on its blog. Or else the blog will deflect and not be what they want – gaining more members.

Then I wonder, they just want members or active members? I don’t see much my organization work as a team. Actually they focus more on the spiritual part rather than humanity part. Where should I start then?

I wonder how can I contribute my greatest skills before I left the organization to more higher level? I need to think more and try to be creative in it then. I should not just only focus on my work. I don’t want to be left alone doing things that can’t bring much impact to my country. I need to start make a revolution then. I need to grab the opportunity that come in front of me or else how can I get the grasp of becoming a true leader?

Opensource organization the heck!

I just need to organize back my life then. It is hard to do things without knowing what will you do next. I hate to plan but love to action. Isn’t that ironic?

I plan to write every single day but I don’t plan what to write and when to write. How to write is just a piece of cake for me. Well writing can be a tedious work I can say.

Oh there was an issue about using pirated software in Malaysia computers. Actually most of Malaysia do use pirated software all start from Operating System up until word processor. Well, it is a sin for a muslim to use things that are not theirs in the first place.

So how can I overcome this kind of pirate softwares? I want to make great alternatives for any of Malaysian to switch to more free and easy to use software. Yup. It is linux. Or I can relate it to opensource software. It is a great software but it just that less tutorial and guide how to use it in term of Malaysian culture and language. I doubt there are less information about it in English than Malay.

So how can I encourage them to use the free software? Making great tutorials for them. There are 3 types of ways to educate them how to se the software effectively. One is to write about it. Two is to make a video about it. Three is to have direct questions and answer to all problems that they will occured or having of.

I bet with that, there will be more Malaysia use open source as their primary software. Most of the Malaysian need office software to write. Well, LibreOffice is a great tool for that. It just that because we are too comfortable with Microsoft office, we tend not to change it.

The process need to be done slowly and with planning. I can’t urge them to change instantly or else they will breakdown and will return  to pirated software again.

Another great software of photoshop is Gimp. I found that Gimp can do what Adobe photoshop can. It just I found less user friendly tutorial how to use Gimp effectively. Most of them write simple things about Gimp but don’t show how we can use Gimp to its potential.

How wasteful is that.

I too had found a great local website describing linux yet they all die. When I try to comment about it, the communities there will reject me as like that is what opensource is all about. Giving and taking and sharing. I should not complain for that.

But what I want to say is that, if you don’t start it first, who else will write about Linux? You got a great potential website, yet you don’t have proper marketing planning to promote linux and its uses among Malaysian. Don’t be ridiculous to expect people like me who are less to know technical knowledge about Linux to promote Linux.

You suppose to make a forum and lead the beginners where the can get the solution. After a question, write about it and expect to put it in the blog. With that, newbies will less tend to ask the same question over and over again. Isn’t that easy?

That is why I love documentation properly. With that, even if I was not there, people can still get the information and learn it by themselves and not hoping for other people to help them. The noob is still noob. We need to teach them how to fish while giving them the fish. And then the community of Linux will get stronger. Aim high to lead Linux industries in Malaysia in information sector.

Writing the truth

For me to write about something, we must have legit information to write about it. I can’t just bluntly write without having prior knowledge about it. Experience is one of the knowledge.

So today I want to talk about writing about a truth of something base on experience. I have lived more than 23 years and several months until today. I keep record my life start from I was kid. The memory seems to flash back to me when it was needed.

That is how I intrepret when I my record of experiences started. With that I can write it easily. I crave my experience with my writing on it.

It might be true and it might be false. But why should I tell false stories for the sake of my reading? It is better for me to talk about the truth so that it will be easy for me to refer it back.

I try by writing it on papers. Any kind of books I managed to get hand of I will try my best to describe my experience for that day. Eventually when the age of technology hits me, I started to write it on blog. That was when I learn a lot about blogging.

Blogging can be hard if you don’t know the real ethics of it. My previous experience teach me that I need to be careful of what I write on the Internet or else I will get some trouble. And that was what I got.

Luckily Allah had guide me. I cover the mistake by apoligizing the person I criticise about. Well, I was new in this blogging world and was affected by stupid blogs I found.

The more I’ve been in this bloggin world, I began to understand that blogging can be fun if we stay to its ethique. Well. nobody ever taught me that. I learn it via experiences.

I write things I like. I write things I had learn through experience. I call it Mr Exp. Experience is tough if we never took lesson from it. So it is important for me to keep record of what I experienced in life.

Sometimes I wonder too how can I made a same mistake over and over again. Was it because I was stupid or I just don’t get what I had learn for my previous experience?

It took me to learn something more than 3 times of mistakes before I really understand what Mr. Exp had taught me. I’m kind of late learner for that. However if I have learn and understand it, I will make no mistake in repeating the same mistakes again.

That is why every events I went have a post moterm. They try their best of not repeating the same mistake again. But then I wonder, why they do make the same mistakes again after that?

When I look at it back, it was because the people who had learn the mistake try not to teach it to newbies or their junior or somebody else who will create event like them before.

That is also why I love to read people biography. Any kind of people whether he is famous or not. It will teach me that whatever I had experience, there were more worst experience other people had. So why should I not try to overcome any obstacle I have in life so that later I too can teach them new techniques of handling the same problem they will have with my kind of approach.

The diversity of choices will help us in learning new things faster and effective. That is why it is important for me to keep track of what I had experience in life.

Am I talking too much?


Sometimes, I just love to talk with my friends to relieve my tension, yet I didn’t realize that my behavior is also affecting the friends all around me. It seems that something is not alright with me talking much about myself rather than talking about new ideas and all.

One of my friends kind of critics me saying that most of our conversation was all about me. He said that I’m self eccentric. I was shocked to learn that. Even focusing to them and then talked about myself isn’t enough to make them realize I too listen to their self eccentric complain. Maybe there is something need to be done.

When he said about me talking too much, I suddenly felt the atmosphere when I was in matriculation. That is the dark age of my social skills. Kind of creepy for me to reminisce it. Oh well, I can simplified it as I done many bad things in my social group at that time.

Later after some working experienced and promise that I had said to myself, I tried my best to avoid doing the same mistakes. Time went by quickly and I soon still got few friends I hang around. I never give a thought about it. Only after I graduated then I realized about it. The scene when my friend criticized me, seems jeopardizing my effort of having many friends.

But I just want to say thank you to him for advising me that. I know I’m not a perfect person because there is no such things as a perfect human both mentally and physically. We human always do mistakes and that is why we need other human to advice us as people around us knows the best about us.

Sometimes I can’t accept the criticism made about me. My emotion will shut down for any new social meeting. I want to evaluate the criticism and rejuvenate myself to a new level. With that I hope I can instill new way of thinking inside my mind.

Eventually, talking too much makes my relationships between my friends hurt. It showed how arrogant of me talk like I’m the one who knows the world. I got the knowledge and others need to ask me about it. It just that, I talk about myself is to share the information I got with others. I want to discuss my experience with others. I just want to initiate a conversation between me and them. So that later they will talk about themselves. We can share ideas and experience.

Yeah. I know. Most of the times I too want to share my experience as when they shared their experience, it kind of similar with the one I had too. So why not I too talked about it? And that was when my experiment came to its conclusion. I should listen more and talk less. Let my friends talk and I just listen and guide them through asking them in the conversation.

I too noticed that when I talk too much, my ideas of the world became less and less. I can generate new and great ideas only when I talk  alone. Kind of self dialog. When I share my ideas with friends, my objective was to brag that I do have an idea about life. I think that is why I can’t talk too much.

I need to keep my ideas private. Let just me know about it and make a habit of asking people questions. I found that people just love to share knowledge they got. Especially about any experience they had in their life. Old man especially love to talk about the experience they have in the past. I can take note about it and imply it in my life with adjustment to changes.

My perception can be deceived!


Looks like I just being shot by my supervisor just this afternoon. All because I don’t understand the real meaning of what he wanted from me. Now I understand. I need to do more.

He before this had given me a simple task which I had been procrastinating it until now. Oh well. I need to change it. Facebook can be a bad place for me to linger around. It really consumed my time. Really!

I had read an ebook calling how the age of information today can be age of distraction also. I can’t denied it as I too being consumed by all sort of distractions.

My priority right now is to finish my study with excellent knowledge. Result will come later. But I’ve been distracted by things I wasn’t suppose to do about. It’s all because of myself that doesn’t have any discipline. Kind of sad for me to know it.

Yup. My mistake is my own damn fault. I have no one to blame about it. So how can I recover from this? Well, for a start I write about it here. That is a start. I have realize it is wrong to fully focus my life on Facebook only. What I need is to focus in real things like reading and enjoy some classic musics.

But wait. Do I need to abundant all the things I like to spare my time with? Like Facebook, email, and books? Well, I need to reshape my priority first. Then management on other things will come flawlessly, I guest.

I perhaps need to clean and organize my room again. I do things aren’t the way it suppose to be. I know that a mess filing systems will affect my environment, yet my perception had deceived that it is nothing. And you see what I did.

Also I need to try to maintain my priority every day. Yup. Or else I will lost. I just need to grasp the basic principle what is important t me come first. If not I will lose in the epic battle of me.

Then I wonder how can I keep up with myself to write if I will be busy all day with other work? Well, by just write like this I eventually has train myself to become a prolific author. Oh yeah~

Generating ideas straightly pure from my thoughts without any barrier of contamination. Do I need to purify it later or net it with other thoughts? It is something to think about.

It just, right now what important for me is just to write and write so that I can believe and say to myself, Izham, you are a writer!

My 600 words challenge can be challenged you know. To write what I thought today and not running from title I set instantly while I have the time to write. Maybe mind mapping first can get my head a good start of thinking.

But then, what can I do to mapping it inside my head? My mind will wonder about my perception then.

What had deceived my mind is my own thought. Really. My mind and thought is just like pal. They love and hate each other. That is why I need some sort of organization to hold them together.

Well, conjunction can work for them, I guest. Let we rejuvenate the things that we can’t do in our life by doing it little by little and slowly by slowly. Eventually I will get a grasp of what makes my writing tick and then I can change my perception to a more better quality of life.

Improving myself

By writing only I feel that I have improve myself in writing. It just I need to look to a more sophisticated way. I can’t just simply write things that will not actually improve my writing.

Yesterday I went window shopping at Alamanda. I felt like want to read Harry Potter novels. When I read the novels, I feel rejuvanate by the words that JK Rowling crave on her novels. How stunning it was.

After done some short analysis, I understand how JK Rowling fascinate me with her writing. She always give clear descriptions about the surrounding in her writing. Like what I had read in Harry Potter and The Order of Pheonix. She describe how Peat Drive at that time look dull and no energy in its neighbor hood. She describe how cars never been washed since the report of the something I don’t know what to write.

She too able to describe how Harry looks like at that time. It made me feel that I was there watching what Harry is and in the eyes of Harry himself. Now I understand why Faisal Tehrani stress in scene as part of his writing where he able to describe things by include action in it.

Now, how can I use that skills in my writing? I want to become a creative write and non-fiction writer. How can I blend both to give me income? That, I think I need to read and write more.

Oh not to mention I too need to focus on my studies. I have 2 subjects to score at while I improving my writing.

I believe that by writing 300 words about anything I can think of can actually improve my English and my writing skills. I just I need to keep at pace and keep writing for the future.