Creating the best of me

Looks like after reading a two or three articles about writing, I’ve decided to continue to write on this blog. Before this I had decided to close it down as I don’t know what the hell I wrote it here. Mostly I wrote things that just popup out of my mind and emotion. That was not a good sign of writing though.

Anyway, I need to start to write to level 1 again. I want to become a baby who is learning how to write properly. Well, I can crawl but until when I will start walking? I don’t to crawl in my whole life in this hectic arena. Writing is a must for me if I want to achieve what I have dreamed about since I was a child – successful writer.

Oh well, I need to start put some oil on my gears especially my head and hand. Both of them need to be clear. My mind need to guide my hand what to write while my hand need to guide my mind the beauty and easy of writing on the keyboard.

Actually it is hard to write without the guidance of something like a draft of what to write. Like now. I write bluntly thinking what to relate to the title written by me. I might lead me to a good article, but it will not always be like that. Most of the time the writer’s block will haunted me more than what I might get.

I’m thinking about to make a rough draft every time I want to write something on this blog. I can make a simple mind map. At least that can train my mind to think more creatively rather than stuck with one idea and don’t know how to expand it.

Eventually, I need to produce ideas from what I have rather than what I don’t have. That is what the best of me I can get.


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