Entering the hard zone

Oh well, that is what I suppose to have when I was in first year. I should busy myself doing all sort of things. It just only recently I try my best to be busy as possible. I know when I enter this busy zone it also means I entered the hard zone. I need to be tough then.

Many works need to be done. I need to reorganize back my time schedule and do better. I need to set my best priority of what I need to do and what I need not to do.

Well, that will be hard if I always enter Facebook to look around what is new around me. I kind of hate it. Facebook really make my world go round yet it also kills most of my time. I feel that I have nothing to do except than looking flawlessly on Facebook. Reading what’s the latest and trendy nowadays.

Well, I need to cut that. I need to stay focus. I need to look what I need to achieve this week. And that is what will I do right now. My first aim to be able to answer test 2 excellently without any doubt.

Then I need to focus in achieving great result about my tutorial report. I have start not to send it. That is hard for me though. I spent to much wondering what will I do in life, yet I have found it in front of me – to become a writer.

My greatest dream is to become a very famous writer. Yeah. Famous. If I famous then it means I have achieve like what JK Rowling had done in her life. Writing novels that can attract people to read.

I want my race to read more. I want to share the joy of reading. But how? I just don’t know how if I just see blank pages every single day. I should start filling all the blank pages with my pen and not with my mind.

Only with that then people will be able to see what I had done to achieve my aim.

I have a bad habit of telling people what will I do, yet I will not actually do that thing if the people I say don’t gave a good response of what I said. That shows how bad my attitude of doing things only when I want to brag about it. That is really really bad.

I should not do that as that will actually kill my achievement in life. I have 4 more days to finish what I had start. On 28th November, I will focus 100% in developing my organization website.

I need to understand more how my organization work and its objective so that I can reflect it on its blog. Or else the blog will deflect and not be what they want – gaining more members.

Then I wonder, they just want members or active members? I don’t see much my organization work as a team. Actually they focus more on the spiritual part rather than humanity part. Where should I start then?

I wonder how can I contribute my greatest skills before I left the organization to more higher level? I need to think more and try to be creative in it then. I should not just only focus on my work. I don’t want to be left alone doing things that can’t bring much impact to my country. I need to start make a revolution then. I need to grab the opportunity that come in front of me or else how can I get the grasp of becoming a true leader?


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