600 words of pain

I writing this while having pain in my right eye. It been so long that I had this pain and now it attack me again. I can’t do much work when I’m in pain especially the one that requires eyes to work. When my one eye hurt, it affect the other one too. I can’t open both of my eyes easyliy.

I have one class today and I need to go through it with pain. I close my eyes most of the time during the class. I pretend that I was sleepy but the truth was I’m not. It just that the pain slows down when I closed my eyes. It ease the pain I have.

I still confused why my right eye hurt so much. Before this it when only for few hours but now it when more than that. It almost more than 24 hours my right eye hurt. What I suspect is that when my body temperature increase, it will effect my right eye as showing that there is less water inside my body.

For that I need to refill it by drink a lot water. Even I drink almost 3 liter today, the pain only reduced little. Eventually I drank a cup of tangerine juice to cool down my body temperature. Alhamdullillah it kind of working. The pain slowly reduced although I can still feel the pain while I blink.

Right now the pain hold my work. Most of the work I need to be done can’t complete today. I even can’t see well while typing this essay. How awful is that!

I need to find a way to make this pain go away and cure my right eye again. Tomorrow I will go to university clinic center to check for any damage on my right eye. Before this I had gone there but it seems that the medicine the doctor gave wasn’t working as it supposed to. I can still see a tiny black spot on my right irish. It supposed to become yellow colour and then turn to some kind of white again. But I don’t see any changes in it showing that the damage is still there.

Hurts in eyes can relly be bad. Because eyes in one of the main organ that people use in their daily life. We see things so that we can work. So when my eyes hurt, it really affect all of my daily life. What can I do now is just to sleep and pray that the pain will go away when I wake up. That is the best choice I can do.

I had ate a tablet of pain killer but nothing ease my pain. Then I ate a tablet of swallon medicine. I hope it will ease the pain but it wasn’t working at all.

What reduce it only water. Now I feel that I might get attack by fever. Some come of fluid came out of my nose saying that I might get a flu. Oh I just cured from flu last week and now it will attack me again. Looks like my antibody is weak. I can’t fight it easily.

I think I need to eat healthy food to overcome this problem. I don’t want to prolong this problem to certain extend that I will not able to handle it well.

I called my mom and told her about my pain. I just want to inform her about the pain I got so that she will be aware of it if anything bad happen to me. I don’t want to make my parents worry much about me. I pray that this pain will go away soon so that I can return to do my job.


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