Leading the research

Basically I been through a hard day finding my way of continuing my study. I don’t know what kind of research shall I done. What I know is that I want to get PhD in Soil section. That is all what I can think of. I never thought about the how can I get it. I only think When can I get it.

Pityfull of it, now my supervisor had advised me to look for another lecturer to supervise me if my attidute is still like this until the end of the semester. How can I change it? I have no idea right now. What I can do is read, read and read journals. I don’t know what to think of.

Maybe because I was so lazy to think. I should get my head up and brainstorming any sort of questions or inqueries I should be. With that I can find more and more possibilites of what kind of research I will done.

Right now I’m reading book title “How to do your research project.”

The first topic talk about making great introduction. How to make a great introduction? By setting right questions the moment you want to start a research project.

There are mainly four type of questions the author suggest. Fisrt is the enquiry. I must able to have curiosity in doing something. Then Relation question. Relate what will I do with what the consequences will it done if I do the research. Then What x cause y. Kind of cause question. And lastly about hypothesis. Expecting what yes or no the result will be in the upcoming research.

So what kind of question I need to lead me do great research then? I’m confused in it.

I want to do research in soil yet I too need to know what kind of crop I need to relate with the soil. Or else my research will be pointless and I will more like geologist then. What make a soil scientist from agriculture is that he is able to differentiate the nutrients needed for certain plants.

Then I wonder why on earth I don’t read about Petai Belalang? I had read several journals given by my supervisor about Petai Belalang and what most I can found is that Petai Belalang strive most at alkaline soil. The problem I can relate is that soil in Malaysia most of them are acidic which means it contradict with the need of Petai belalang trees.

So how can we improve that? By adding lime. But hold on for a second. That means my experiment will be so easy to find out. Then how can I make it more complicated? I search the use of Petai belalang. What my SV suggest is that Petai Belalang will be the main ingredient at Kerteh Biotech plants in producing bio-methionine. How great is that?

That means Petai belalang contain some sort of methionine that is needed to produce the bio-methionine. So how can I relate it with Petai belalang then?

Hold on for a second. Lynas is producing biowaste which some sort of liming material. It contain sulphur. And you know what, methionine requires sulphur as sulphur is part of amino acid. Methionine is an amino acid then.

Then I can look how the tree absorb the biowaste and produce some sort of methionine in it. But then, how can I relate that with soil? I wonder that. Maybe I can relate how using the amendment of biowaste increase the soil pH and its fertility hence increase the methionine content in the tree then?

Well, I need to do more reading and thinking on this matter.


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