Opensource organization the heck!

I just need to organize back my life then. It is hard to do things without knowing what will you do next. I hate to plan but love to action. Isn’t that ironic?

I plan to write every single day but I don’t plan what to write and when to write. How to write is just a piece of cake for me. Well writing can be a tedious work I can say.

Oh there was an issue about using pirated software in Malaysia computers. Actually most of Malaysia do use pirated software all start from Operating System up until word processor. Well, it is a sin for a muslim to use things that are not theirs in the first place.

So how can I overcome this kind of pirate softwares? I want to make great alternatives for any of Malaysian to switch to more free and easy to use software. Yup. It is linux. Or I can relate it to opensource software. It is a great software but it just that less tutorial and guide how to use it in term of Malaysian culture and language. I doubt there are less information about it in English than Malay.

So how can I encourage them to use the free software? Making great tutorials for them. There are 3 types of ways to educate them how to se the software effectively. One is to write about it. Two is to make a video about it. Three is to have direct questions and answer to all problems that they will occured or having of.

I bet with that, there will be more Malaysia use open source as their primary software. Most of the Malaysian need office software to write. Well, LibreOffice is a great tool for that. It just that because we are too comfortable with Microsoft office, we tend not to change it.

The process need to be done slowly and with planning. I can’t urge them to change instantly or else they will breakdown and will return  to pirated software again.

Another great software of photoshop is Gimp. I found that Gimp can do what Adobe photoshop can. It just I found less user friendly tutorial how to use Gimp effectively. Most of them write simple things about Gimp but don’t show how we can use Gimp to its potential.

How wasteful is that.

I too had found a great local website describing linux yet they all die. When I try to comment about it, the communities there will reject me as like that is what opensource is all about. Giving and taking and sharing. I should not complain for that.

But what I want to say is that, if you don’t start it first, who else will write about Linux? You got a great potential website, yet you don’t have proper marketing planning to promote linux and its uses among Malaysian. Don’t be ridiculous to expect people like me who are less to know technical knowledge about Linux to promote Linux.

You suppose to make a forum and lead the beginners where the can get the solution. After a question, write about it and expect to put it in the blog. With that, newbies will less tend to ask the same question over and over again. Isn’t that easy?

That is why I love documentation properly. With that, even if I was not there, people can still get the information and learn it by themselves and not hoping for other people to help them. The noob is still noob. We need to teach them how to fish while giving them the fish. And then the community of Linux will get stronger. Aim high to lead Linux industries in Malaysia in information sector.


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