Making the great deal of writing

Yeah. I love writing. But it just that I don’t know what to write. It seems that my ideas are so many but my time is so little. I can’t locate my great deal of time to write. Oh my!

Let me recollect for the past few days ago. I try my best to write something here but then my mind seems blanked for a moment. Later after I went away from my lappy, the ideas flow seemlessly. Am I doing it wrong?

I got tonne of ideas to write but I too don’t know whether it is ok or not. Yeah. I know. My supervisor had advised me just to write anything first. It just for me to break the wall of writer’s head. I need to practice everyday writing so that with that I will not walking anymore but running.

It just the same as reading. If I keep reading slowly, thinking that I will understand it better, I actually have give my mind that reading slowly is alright. Eventually my habit of reading become slow. I suppose to read fast. I bought a book about speed reading yet I don’t understand things I had read in it! Damn!

I need to re-read it again then. I bought a book titled “Speed Reading” by Tony Buzan. I think everybody who uses mind map in their daily life know who is Tony Buzan because he is the founder of that technique.

My problem is that I try not to practice new skills I gained while I try to learn new other skills. How pathetic is that? Learning requires consistency or else how on earth I can gain the skills better?

Just like writing, I found that the more I write, the more I become clear of what I intend to write. Isn’t that good? It just that I need idea to write. Oh I too learn that in order to break the writer’s what so ever, writing ignoring the grammar and and sort of spelling mistakes can really pump me up in writing. Just like what I do in this blog.

This blog is specially I dedicated to improve my writing in English by speed typing. Means that I will write anything pop out of my mind. It will no matter what I write as long as I write.

Then I will read it later and see what I was wrong and try to get it right. I too will know what kind of words actually I frequently used. I do have the grasp of English common vocabulary as I read Times Magazine, abrubtly.

But the Time Magazine come to my house so fast that I can’t get a hand of reading one the other issue come. How fast they produced it!

I too impressed on how their author can write more than thousands of words in the article although not all of them seems quality to me. Because I don’t understand much what their write. I only understand after I read it more than one. Means two or three times of reading gave me a bit of understanding of what I read on Time Magazine.

Maybe because the title and its issues doesn’t make me fun to read. I love to read Knowledge Magazine, however. It gives me some kind of new knowledge related to science. I then can reflect it in my conversation with friends. But not all I will talk about because that will shows how self eccentric I was then. Experience teach me that, I need to talk less about what I learn to my friends or else I will get some weird feeling that I was stupid to tell them that.


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