Writing the truth

For me to write about something, we must have legit information to write about it. I can’t just bluntly write without having prior knowledge about it. Experience is one of the knowledge.

So today I want to talk about writing about a truth of something base on experience. I have lived more than 23 years and several months until today. I keep record my life start from I was kid. The memory seems to flash back to me when it was needed.

That is how I intrepret when I my record of experiences started. With that I can write it easily. I crave my experience with my writing on it.

It might be true and it might be false. But why should I tell false stories for the sake of my reading? It is better for me to talk about the truth so that it will be easy for me to refer it back.

I try by writing it on papers. Any kind of books I managed to get hand of I will try my best to describe my experience for that day. Eventually when the age of technology hits me, I started to write it on blog. That was when I learn a lot about blogging.

Blogging can be hard if you don’t know the real ethics of it. My previous experience teach me that I need to be careful of what I write on the Internet or else I will get some trouble. And that was what I got.

Luckily Allah had guide me. I cover the mistake by apoligizing the person I criticise about. Well, I was new in this blogging world and was affected by stupid blogs I found.

The more I’ve been in this bloggin world, I began to understand that blogging can be fun if we stay to its ethique. Well. nobody ever taught me that. I learn it via experiences.

I write things I like. I write things I had learn through experience. I call it Mr Exp. Experience is tough if we never took lesson from it. So it is important for me to keep record of what I experienced in life.

Sometimes I wonder too how can I made a same mistake over and over again. Was it because I was stupid or I just don’t get what I had learn for my previous experience?

It took me to learn something more than 3 times of mistakes before I really understand what Mr. Exp had taught me. I’m kind of late learner for that. However if I have learn and understand it, I will make no mistake in repeating the same mistakes again.

That is why every events I went have a post moterm. They try their best of not repeating the same mistake again. But then I wonder, why they do make the same mistakes again after that?

When I look at it back, it was because the people who had learn the mistake try not to teach it to newbies or their junior or somebody else who will create event like them before.

That is also why I love to read people biography. Any kind of people whether he is famous or not. It will teach me that whatever I had experience, there were more worst experience other people had. So why should I not try to overcome any obstacle I have in life so that later I too can teach them new techniques of handling the same problem they will have with my kind of approach.

The diversity of choices will help us in learning new things faster and effective. That is why it is important for me to keep track of what I had experience in life.


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