Learning Coding is easy!

Yeah, you heard me right. It is simple then I thought about! With examples of course.

Before this I try to learn coding of HTML and CSS just by borrowing HTML and CSS books, but hell I don’t understand what they all talking about! All the words I read based on Alien language, for me.

I was so frustrated about it and decided not to continue reading the books. After awhile of lingering around, I suddenly stumbled upon my friend’s blog. He has such an amazing template. I wonder how he did that. Then I sms him to know more about it.

“I just copy and paste from the Internet. I googled it and then did some customization and walah! You got me there,” said him.

But that wasn’t enough for me. I want to see how he work with it. Last Thursday we met and have some tutorial session. Wow! He did that just by using try and error technique. He is not a computer science student but he is a computer geek, just like me.

He showed me how he googled and edit the coding in HTML code. Basically he used blogspot as it allows its users to edit HTML while WordPress has no function for that.

After that, I do appreciate blogspot more than WordPress, although WordPress themes and its dashboard have professional look. Before this I did have a thought of changing to WordPress for my main blog, but after that incident, well, blogspot still have place in my heart.

So what with me writing it in WordPress blog? Well, I too need to explore the possibility of WordPress. It is better for me to have more choices as I will buy my own self domain. I see that WordPress dashboard is the best. It is better for me to get hang of it before I use it as my dashboard for my self domain blog later.

After seeing my friend, I explore the world of Google search in order to find the right template for my blog. I found many websites offer great design. I choose one, but later change it because it was more to formal one. I just want my blog to be more catchy and up to trend. After all, I’m a youth of Malaysia. We love updates for sure.

Then I found this great template. Easy to use and look simple and creative. But how can I apply try and error technique if I can’t apply it directly to my blog? I don’t want to ruin my main blog.

Then an idea pop up in my mind. Why don’t I just make a new blog as my alpha and beta test blog. I can apply the template and all sort of widget there. I can see what’s working and what’s not. I too don’t need to worry about any possibility of my blog might get broken. After all it is just a test blog.

So I named it test blog. My first step was change its navigator title and link. It is not hard for me as from where I took the codes, I can just make a comparison between the code and see how the code will function. If I got it wrong, I just undo the code.

Before that, I make sure I backup all the code first. Means that after every successful editing, I save it somewhere on my laptop. In case anything happen I will have a copy of the coding.

Eventually when I edit the code, I learn the code itself and how its function to my blog. I see a lot of possibilities of mixing my blog with all sort of coding which I got it from other template. That is why it’s more easy to learn by try and error technique if you have the gut.


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