Am I talking too much?


Sometimes, I just love to talk with my friends to relieve my tension, yet I didn’t realize that my behavior is also affecting the friends all around me. It seems that something is not alright with me talking much about myself rather than talking about new ideas and all.

One of my friends kind of critics me saying that most of our conversation was all about me. He said that I’m self eccentric. I was shocked to learn that. Even focusing to them and then talked about myself isn’t enough to make them realize I too listen to their self eccentric complain. Maybe there is something need to be done.

When he said about me talking too much, I suddenly felt the atmosphere when I was in matriculation. That is the dark age of my social skills. Kind of creepy for me to reminisce it. Oh well, I can simplified it as I done many bad things in my social group at that time.

Later after some working experienced and promise that I had said to myself, I tried my best to avoid doing the same mistakes. Time went by quickly and I soon still got few friends I hang around. I never give a thought about it. Only after I graduated then I realized about it. The scene when my friend criticized me, seems jeopardizing my effort of having many friends.

But I just want to say thank you to him for advising me that. I know I’m not a perfect person because there is no such things as a perfect human both mentally and physically. We human always do mistakes and that is why we need other human to advice us as people around us knows the best about us.

Sometimes I can’t accept the criticism made about me. My emotion will shut down for any new social meeting. I want to evaluate the criticism and rejuvenate myself to a new level. With that I hope I can instill new way of thinking inside my mind.

Eventually, talking too much makes my relationships between my friends hurt. It showed how arrogant of me talk like I’m the one who knows the world. I got the knowledge and others need to ask me about it. It just that, I talk about myself is to share the information I got with others. I want to discuss my experience with others. I just want to initiate a conversation between me and them. So that later they will talk about themselves. We can share ideas and experience.

Yeah. I know. Most of the times I too want to share my experience as when they shared their experience, it kind of similar with the one I had too. So why not I too talked about it? And that was when my experiment came to its conclusion. I should listen more and talk less. Let my friends talk and I just listen and guide them through asking them in the conversation.

I too noticed that when I talk too much, my ideas of the world became less and less. I can generate new and great ideas only when I talk  alone. Kind of self dialog. When I share my ideas with friends, my objective was to brag that I do have an idea about life. I think that is why I can’t talk too much.

I need to keep my ideas private. Let just me know about it and make a habit of asking people questions. I found that people just love to share knowledge they got. Especially about any experience they had in their life. Old man especially love to talk about the experience they have in the past. I can take note about it and imply it in my life with adjustment to changes.


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