Reading all sort of journals


Journals can be pain in the neck you know. Trying to figure out what its writers wrote about. Sometimes I just don’t get it what the thing he write. Seriously.

Right now I need to search journals related with L-methinonine so that I can relate it together with my will going research. While googling (yeah, you know what I mean), I found all sort of journals. But then most of them are not exactly the title I want. Could the information in it be useful to me?

From my experience, there will be no such journal. My pot of luck if I get one. What I can do is to match the information in the journals in my hand with the title I want to produce or sort of it.

Sometimes (or I can say most of the time) I stuck with different journals from all sort of country. Like the one I had found, it related with French. Well, you know what it meant. Most of the articles are in French! This suddenly make me frustrated. I want to learn France now!

Oh. I forgot. Google translate was there to help me. Silly me not to use it earlier. Heh.

Searching journals using google can be sometimes hard. So it is better to use Google Scholar so that google with search it specifically  I wonder do google scholar match with Science Direct database?

Most of the time I search journals in Science Direct website. It contains most of the journals I want. And sometimes I hit the jackpot. Quite lucky I was.

I did search at other journals websites but my university library is not subscribing most of the journals in there. Quite frustrating for to know it. Then when the Google Scholar really help me a lot. Just by typing the full title of the journal, I was able to find the exact journal without hassle. Goog google.

After reading the journals, if I find it interesting and related with my topics, I will printed it. This will ease my reading as I had to read it on my laptop. Kind of tiring me out. Also I can scribble on the journal’s pages if I found something unique on it. While in pdf mode, I can just high light it using mouse cursor. It won’t last long and hard for me to refer it back after I closed it. I even need to on my laptop just to read a journal. Lame.

They say save papers but I say save your hassle then. I live in developing country. What do I need to care much for that? So called developed countries have no right to say that when they have technology after they destroy their own forest.

Alright. I do sometimes I agree that we need to save papers (or save my money from overdose printing cost). I will print 2 pages crammed into one page. Then I will choose duplex setting. It will make the journal thinner, lighter, and easy to carry around. I like it. With that I don’t have any hassle to bring it all around the campus to show that I do read journals in my life.

According my experiences, reading all sort of things in journals aren’t that fun. For me what initiate for me to read a journal is just by previewing its introduction. If it has catchy and cramped with information I needed, then I will consider it good. Its result is second for me.

With this age of Google, everything seems so easy with us bundled with so many information all around the world. Journals from all sort of languages can be found yet, it is up to us to choose and relate it with our life.


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