My perception can be deceived!


Looks like I just being shot by my supervisor just this afternoon. All because I don’t understand the real meaning of what he wanted from me. Now I understand. I need to do more.

He before this had given me a simple task which I had been procrastinating it until now. Oh well. I need to change it. Facebook can be a bad place for me to linger around. It really consumed my time. Really!

I had read an ebook calling how the age of information today can be age of distraction also. I can’t denied it as I too being consumed by all sort of distractions.

My priority right now is to finish my study with excellent knowledge. Result will come later. But I’ve been distracted by things I wasn’t suppose to do about. It’s all because of myself that doesn’t have any discipline. Kind of sad for me to know it.

Yup. My mistake is my own damn fault. I have no one to blame about it. So how can I recover from this? Well, for a start I write about it here. That is a start. I have realize it is wrong to fully focus my life on Facebook only. What I need is to focus in real things like reading and enjoy some classic musics.

But wait. Do I need to abundant all the things I like to spare my time with? Like Facebook, email, and books? Well, I need to reshape my priority first. Then management on other things will come flawlessly, I guest.

I perhaps need to clean and organize my room again. I do things aren’t the way it suppose to be. I know that a mess filing systems will affect my environment, yet my perception had deceived that it is nothing. And you see what I did.

Also I need to try to maintain my priority every day. Yup. Or else I will lost. I just need to grasp the basic principle what is important t me come first. If not I will lose in the epic battle of me.

Then I wonder how can I keep up with myself to write if I will be busy all day with other work? Well, by just write like this I eventually has train myself to become a prolific author. Oh yeah~

Generating ideas straightly pure from my thoughts without any barrier of contamination. Do I need to purify it later or net it with other thoughts? It is something to think about.

It just, right now what important for me is just to write and write so that I can believe and say to myself, Izham, you are a writer!

My 600 words challenge can be challenged you know. To write what I thought today and not running from title I set instantly while I have the time to write. Maybe mind mapping first can get my head a good start of thinking.

But then, what can I do to mapping it inside my head? My mind will wonder about my perception then.

What had deceived my mind is my own thought. Really. My mind and thought is just like pal. They love and hate each other. That is why I need some sort of organization to hold them together.

Well, conjunction can work for them, I guest. Let we rejuvenate the things that we can’t do in our life by doing it little by little and slowly by slowly. Eventually I will get a grasp of what makes my writing tick and then I can change my perception to a more better quality of life.


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