K-Pop sensation in Malaysia


Just now a friend of mine shared a news regarding a K-Pop concert that will be held in Malaysia and considered as the biggest one combining 9 famous K-pop artists. Wow! Amazing. I wonder how many fans will be there. Before this around 15,000 fans had arrived just to watch Big Bang performed 27th October ago.

It is amazing to know that Samsung spend almost RM 4 millions just for that kind of concert. I bet they sure want the revenue back by promoting fans to buy their next will be touch HP.

Then I realized that I too need to know more about K-Pop before I review it as part of my next article. I intend to send one to any kind of magazine hoping that they will accept mine though I’m still less confidence on my writing.

I just got blank when I want to write. It seems that I become lost. Maybe I need to make a set of questions before I write so that I then can gather information based on what I ask myself.

So what it is about K-Pop? According to Wikipedia K-Pop involves dances, electronic, electropop, hip hop, rock and R&B. And like what!? I understand about it. Just say that K-Pop is sort of Korean musics blend with Western music cultured by the Asian which is the Korean?

That will much easier for me to understand. I wonder how on earth a song sung mostly in Korean language can be one of the top in American billboard chart? Hey don’t tell me you never heard it. It was all around the air. Or maybe you live somewhere that doesn’t connected to radio, at least.

I had watched its video and nothing sensation for me to watch it again. I can’t say that I don’t know what people love about it. The song kind of catchy and the video shows a dance that never been seen before this. A horse dance, I guest.

Then we can talk about Big Bang. I only watch series of The Big Bang Theories, a comedy series about a bunch of geek people trying to live normal life, I guest.

I had watched one of their videos. I was amazed by how they made their videos so techno. Quite the opposite of what Malaysian artists would there to do it as the cost can rise more than RM1k could strike them to death!

How about their music then? Well, I don’t understand a bit of what they blabbering about. Too much jibbed jabber, said Sheldon in TBBT. Although, their beats can make my heart went along with the rhythm. Maybe that is what Wikipedia saying about electronic or electropop or something like that?

I don’t know. What I know is that the K-Pop sensation is way popular among the girls. Kind of creepy to know if my girlfriend one of their fan. I’m sure she will always brag about how handsome they are than me. Urhg!!!?

So do I agree for them to come to Malaysia? Hell no! They will only promoting bad culture and ettique especially the way they wearing. Urgh! Too much pornography if you asked me. Too sexy for even a guy like me to watch.

I do think Samsung sales sure going up after promoting Big Bang as part of their artists sponsored by them. Well, can they beat Apple then? Maybe a bite or two but not as a whole. Apple still maintained their quality standard while Samsung should collaborate with android developer in making a really stable OS so that both hardware and software will work smoothly.

In the end, K-Pop still will have its up and down. My concern is will their down will be late for Malaysian to realize the bad that their had inject into our youth?



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