Languages that make me terrific!


For Malaysians, most of us at least can speak more than our own native language. It is sort of uniqe for most of us. I can speak Malay and English. Then I try to speak Mandarin, but I still more practice in that.

I learn Malay since I was born. It is my mother tongue language while I learn English start from I entered primary school. Since then I learn a lot about my native language and English.

Then, I interested to learn Mandarin as I have the Chinese look. It will be a waste for me if I don’t learn it. I decided to take a class of learning Mandarin just after I finished my SPM. It is kind of wasting my money I guest. I learn a little about Mandarin words.

Later when I enter university, I decided to take Mandarin class as my university offer up until level 3. I need to start from below. Since then I learn a lot about Mandarin. I learn how to say hello and greets people. Then I learn more when I entered level 2. And more when I entered level 3.

But it is sad when I learn only for sake of something and didn’t take the chance to practice with my Chinese friends. I was a bit shy then. Well, I should not do that. I should outcome my spirit to learn about other languages. There is no racial issue here.

It’s about one learning. That’s all.

Then I want to learn Arabic. It seems that I really can get a grasp of many languages as I grow with watching a lot of different dramas from around the world. I watched Spanish, Philippine  Thailand, Indonesian, American, British, Mandarin, Cantonese, Tamil, Hindustan and of course Malay dramas. That all had make my vocabulary about the language around the world diverse. I kind of like it.

One thing though, jack of all trade, but master of none. That can be me. Right now I try to master both language I use in every day of my life. Well, it’s kind of hard to practice it.

I try my best to write it on my blog then.


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