What!? My blog has become viral sensation?

This will sure freaking me out! I never thought that my blog go viral in that kind of way. Eh? One thing for sure I wan people to remember me as writing in Manglish.

Maybe not in good way eh? My writing kind of suck. Yeah I know. I need to write every single day to pull out all the ideas in my head (or can I use inside?) Sometimes I get confused by the way of writing. Maybe because my decrease of reading and too much on FB can really make me stupid. Huh?

Out of topic, I was.

Ok. Back to the main topic. http://dailypost.wordpress.com/2012/10/26/daily-prompt-3/ ask me what I want new readers see inside of me when they read my viral post. Well, for starting I want them to know that I write this blog to improve my English from Manglish to perfect English. Can I? Yes I can. I need to get my butt up and do the writing things. Or else when will I get better then?

I saw some of my friends really good at writing and speaking English. It is like English is part of them. But yet I see them doing nothing to communicate with the public with proper BM. Well for me that is kind of suck. They just love English so much that they are forgetting the true root of them as a Malay people.

I hate them you know. Some of my friends love to juggle around the words of Malay and English together. From my reading and observation, I see them as betrayer. A betrayer to the their own race and culture. They should not mix around the language. It is a bad habit and should be stopped at all cost.

Well, maybe there are popular bloggers who write in that kind of way but he or she ain’t popular to whole world then. They just stuck to  Malaysia only. And for me, people who write and say in mixed language are people who cannot produce much of great art. They mind stuck with something me neither don’t know to express.

Ok. Chow.


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