Improving myself

By writing only I feel that I have improve myself in writing. It just I need to look to a more sophisticated way. I can’t just simply write things that will not actually improve my writing.

Yesterday I went window shopping at Alamanda. I felt like want to read Harry Potter novels. When I read the novels, I feel rejuvanate by the words that JK Rowling crave on her novels. How stunning it was.

After done some short analysis, I understand how JK Rowling fascinate me with her writing. She always give clear descriptions about the surrounding in her writing. Like what I had read in Harry Potter and The Order of Pheonix. She describe how Peat Drive at that time look dull and no energy in its neighbor hood. She describe how cars never been washed since the report of the something I don’t know what to write.

She too able to describe how Harry looks like at that time. It made me feel that I was there watching what Harry is and in the eyes of Harry himself. Now I understand why Faisal Tehrani stress in scene as part of his writing where he able to describe things by include action in it.

Now, how can I use that skills in my writing? I want to become a creative write and non-fiction writer. How can I blend both to give me income? That, I think I need to read and write more.

Oh not to mention I too need to focus on my studies. I have 2 subjects to score at while I improving my writing.

I believe that by writing 300 words about anything I can think of can actually improve my English and my writing skills. I just I need to keep at pace and keep writing for the future.


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