Mind blowing

I don’t know much how to write a mind blowing entry. I just anything that interest me up until today. Not more than that. I write anything that I read, observed and learn. Not more than that.

My target is to write 300 words of essay every single day. First is to train myself to write. When I’m comfortable about it, later I will upgrade it to write more meaning essay. There is always steps in learning.

Maybe I talk nonsense in my writing, but at least I get a hand on what I can write in English. It is sure hard to write in English. Aiming to get 300 words are far more hard than I can think of.

Mind blowing entry maybe related to experience of what I had. Maybe things that I can relate myself with the readers all around the world get to know me. Kind of superb if I can do that right?

To write mind blowing articles, I need to have mind blowing mind. Is it? Hahah. I’m not sure about that. What I’m sure is that if I read more, I will get more ideas to write. I can add more elements in my writing so that I can happily read it together with my readers. That is what I can called mind blowing. An article that can be shared together with me and readers.

It just I need to focus then. Sometimes, or maybe most of the time I lost focus in writing. I keep telling myself that I need to focus while writing. Oh maybe because I forget to draw the draft first. I suddenly jumped and write anything I want making me easy to lost while writing.

Ok. Now I will try my best to draw up a draft before I write in English. I promise.


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