Knowing by doing it

Recently after reading a book about how to write an article gave me a new look of reading an article. Before this I wonder why an article when I read I feel it is good. I just don’t know where the good is.

Then when I read how to write a quality article, I realized that, writing do requires knowledge of reading and copying other’s work. Not by doing plagiarism but by taking their writing as example for me to write better.

I subscribed to 3 type of magazine. One is Time Mag, second is National Geograpy Mag, and third is Knowledge Mag. The 3 mag are great magazines with great articles. It just not all articles are good within the scope of Malaysian. Most of them are bias with the Western world.

Well, the mag do come from them after all. So they do what ever they please to let the Asian thinking that the Western is the best. That is why I can’t take all the information in their articles bluntly. I don’t want to idolize them. The Western is just the same as us, human.

Anyway, back to the topic. Now when I read, I will find what this author want to talk about and his point of view. Every author has agenda in bringing readers to their perspective. I too need to understand their style. Each author has their own style in writing whether it is new journalism of writing or the classic one.

One thing for sure is that, by reading and analysing their work, I will eventually improve my writing and get a better understanding of English writing. For me, I can read, but how do understand by reading is another question to answer with.

Learning is a long time journey. We will learn until we are no more in this world. So why should I stop learning even I had graduated from school, right?


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