Improving my English

Yeah, that is what my supervisor had told me just this afternoon. He said that most of his students, master or Ph.D, can’t write well in English. He is concern about it. He advised me to start improving my English. Well, I’ll try Dr.

Now I try to write from Manglish to English. It just sometimes I get confused between the present and past tense. In Malay, it will more easier as there is no word change in present or past tense. This also the same with Mandarin.

Then I understand how can I improve my writing and understanding better of English. First of all, I must read a lot. It doesn’t matter whether it is English or Malay reading materials as long as it improved my knowledge.

Then I need to write more. By writing I will eventually know what I’m lack of. I can compare my writing with any quality articles I read. Of course I need to compare it with the language I read. If I write Malay, then I compare it with Malay. If I write English, I compare it with English. It is as simple as that.

Then I too need to start analysis the situation around me. I need to start reading newspapers. For this, I choose to read English newspapers only. I hate to read Utusan Melayu. Too much propaganda. Most of them are useless for my mind to know about. Boo for them.

Maybe I can read the Star and News Straits Times, if I have time to read both. Then I need to prepare a notebook special for this. Oh, I do have one notebook special for this. I better use it rather than left it there in the cabinet.

With that, I can also practice my mind mapping skill. There is no fast skills to learn than practicing it as what people always said, practice makes perfect.


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