Ignorant is bliss

I can’t say it can be true but yet I can’t agree it was wrong. The statement really tells me something about life. Sometimes I need to be ignorant in what people do or else I wouldn’t get the bliss.

This all started when I start to feel irritated with two idol that I had followed via their facebook page. I know they post good things but it just that I felt threaten by their success. I became jealous. Syaitan start to whisper into my ears saying bad things about them.

I don’t like that. They are good person. Why should I hate them? Before anything goes to worst, I unlike their facebook pages. I want to be ignorant for this. If I keep following their post, I might said something bad about them. I don’t want to make sin out of it. They just do what they need to do. Telling good things to people.

After I unlike their page, the bliss really come to me. Alhamdulillah. Now I can fulfill my time with more things to think about rather than feeling my heart with hatred to them.

Hei, I too good at writing. I can write even better than them. I can think even better than them. But should I criticize them for that? No. I don’t even have the credibility to criticize other as I don’t even contribute anything.

Ya I know. I have blogs. Maybe I can criticize them via my blog. But will my voice be heard by others? I don’t think so. I need to build my fame and fortune slowly by sending articles through all sort of publisher in Malaysia.

While that, I need to discipline myself to write more than 300 words of essay every single day in English. With that, I must improve my English writing more and more. I can’t wait and hope that I will better than them or else I will be doomed like others who only like to criticize but do nothing about it.

I’m part of the society and not consumer of the society.


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