Necessity is the mother of invention


Now I have a very difficult problem. Where the heck I can funding for my study? My parents do offer to fund me but I have dignity in it. It really make my head spinning around. One of it is for me to write and send it to dewan magazine. But I afraid of what should I write.

Aha! I know. I go to library everyday and read about news in Malaysia to get ideas what to write. Then I use this to write articles. I can interview some lecturers to support my fact and to make my articles look interesting. Convocation is around the corner. Maybe I can write some about it and send to magazine who need my writing.

Alhamdulillah. I don’t know why but when I write, I just got the ideas. Maybe to produce more ideas I need to write and keep writing. That is how my brain work I guest. Reading can be part of my supplement. I can say input. But more important than that is I keep on writing to sharpen my writing skills.

There is no easy way to write good article by not writing at all.

Back to my problem. My supervisor had told me to further my master next semester because he has no grand to give at me. Owh. I didn’t listened and still continued it this semester. And that is what I got for today.

Looks like the necessity for me to get money accelerate my writing, I guest. I need to read and think critical then. I need to find more good articles and keep writing. I need to get rid of that afraid feeling that my articles will be rejected. I wouldn’t know until I write it down.

I need to plan it and start it within this week. Wish me luck.


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