Dignity within me

Well, I too have dignity or maybe it is ego. Recently I had a fight with my sister. Now we are not talking to each other. I have ego to cover although I know I was wrong. Sometimes silent can kill a relationship.

There was a story I watch about a girl who had a fight with his father. It was just a small fight. The girl decided not to talk to her father because of that. For more than 5 years they didn’t talk although both of them have cool down. It just the bricks have reach to walls between they relationship.

The girl start to talk to her farther only after he had heart attack. They talk at hospital. It start slowly yet then they just can’t stop talking. It was like they had a long list of things to talk.

Do I want it to become like that? I don’t want until an accident occur to me or to my sister than I will talk to her. That will be a heart wrenching moment. But you know, right, I have dignity, or I can say ego.

I still haven’t paid my share in her house. I felt guilty because I keep telling people how good reading is yet I doing nothing to gain income out of it. One thing for sure is that I’m afraid. Afraid of rejection. How can I afraid of that if I never ever tried to send even one article to any publisher. How lame it is, right?

I need to start working and I need to read more and understand more. I can’t just read and not trying to gain income out of it. I don’t want to waste my time, yet I waste my time on facebook. How lame is that?

Typical student who love to procrastinate I am.


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