Being left alone


After a while, now I understand why my heart is so strong now even I was being left alone. This was all because I join SUKSIS. In SUKSIS I learn that you need to be left alone. I was nobody in SUKSIS.

Why do I stated like that? One of the great example was that my friends always teased my weakness like I don’t know marching, saying out loud and many more. I felt fed up about that. They said it was to improve my selfconfidence. Hell yes! Improve my self-confidence that you guys were the worst friends I had ever have.

When we eat together, they too left me alone if I was late eat. Well, I ate slowly. I love to feel what I eat with passion. Eating fast do not gave me that feeling of satisfaction. But they don’t understand me. One of them tease me because I’m thin and not eat well. Urghhh. Kinda of heart my feeling. And what made me sick was that the other laugh about it also supporting his ‘fact’.

Because of so many not so good incident that always happen to me in SUKSIS, I tend not to remember much what I had learn in SUKSIS. They said it was police culture. Hell yeah! I choose not to accept that lame culture.

I feel so free when I left SUKSIS. No more peer pressure from my friends who do not appreciate me. Also I want to say thank you to them making me feel so lonely in SUKSIS. Also I want to thank my first year roomate too. He too contribute a lot in making me feel so lonely.

Oh don’t think negative for that. After 3 years of tortured, I gain new confidence. Alhamdulillah. I met new friends which are better than them. This make me think more positive about people. My pray had been answered by Allah.


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