Reading as part of me

Sometimes when I think about it, I succeed in my life all because of reading. I love to read since my father had thought me to read. I still remember vividly how my father tried so hard to teach me to read.

There was a book my mother bought for me. I love the book because it has pictures and colours. Such a great book. The book was about a family. What they do in their life. Maybe it sort of like a pictorial dictionary.

I love to watch the pictures on it. Then my father came to me and said, “Am, do you want to learn to read?” I just nodded.

“Open the book and I want to hear what you can read.”

I open it and look at the words blankly. Or I can say like I read Chinese words for today time.

I only know the A B C D E F and sort of it. Not the sentence. Then my father whisper the word. I said it according to the whisper. How thoughtful of my father to help me. I was afraid that he will shout at me and said that I was stupid. But it wasn’t like that.

After the occasion, I gradually felt that I can read. I reread the book every single day until I understand what I had read. It was an enjoyfull moment for me in that time.

Later, I read a dictionary I found in my house. It is such a small dictionary. I don’t understand what it means but one thing for sure, I got an A in Bahasa Melayu during my standard one year. I feel proud and now that I was not stupid. I can build my success if I work hard and read more.

Later, reading become part of me. I love reading.


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