Writing as part of me

I love to write. If I have all the time I had, I will write everything I had gone through in my life. There are a lot for me to tell to the world what I had gone through, yet I don’t know how to tell it very well.

Yup. I know. Writing is a tedious work. One must isolate himself from the world beyond him just to write perfectly. I wonder how can I isolate myself then? I love to hang around with my friends. But later I felt lonely. I don’t why. But I just felt it.

It was like yesterday. I met and hang around with my friends. Then I felt lonely. Oh why that happen to me? Maybe I don’t give any courage to myself to say that I’m capable of doing anything as long as I think I can. Maybe I should rethink about my life.

I sometimes want to think about my life. It just while thinking about that it doesn’t bring me anywhere. I can complain a lot about that. Then will it worth for me to think about it again and again?

Maybe it is true if you want something you need to string it by writing it on a paper. That, I forgot to write my dreams and hopes on a paper today. But hey! Better late than never.

I just need to find more and read more as reading and writing harmonise each other. I need to do it fast as my time in my life aren’t that many.

I too need to set my long term goal. I can’t just sit here and say I will do that but never look far 10 years from now. That will be just a waste for me right?

I can say again, writing is part of me…



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