Improving myself

By writing only I feel that I have improve myself in writing. It just I need to look to a more sophisticated way. I can’t just simply write things that will not actually improve my writing.

Yesterday I went window shopping at Alamanda. I felt like want to read Harry Potter novels. When I read the novels, I feel rejuvanate by the words that JK Rowling crave on her novels. How stunning it was.

After done some short analysis, I understand how JK Rowling fascinate me with her writing. She always give clear descriptions about the surrounding in her writing. Like what I had read in Harry Potter and The Order of Pheonix. She describe how Peat Drive at that time look dull and no energy in its neighbor hood. She describe how cars never been washed since the report of the something I don’t know what to write.

She too able to describe how Harry looks like at that time. It made me feel that I was there watching what Harry is and in the eyes of Harry himself. Now I understand why Faisal Tehrani stress in scene as part of his writing where he able to describe things by include action in it.

Now, how can I use that skills in my writing? I want to become a creative write and non-fiction writer. How can I blend both to give me income? That, I think I need to read and write more.

Oh not to mention I too need to focus on my studies. I have 2 subjects to score at while I improving my writing.

I believe that by writing 300 words about anything I can think of can actually improve my English and my writing skills. I just I need to keep at pace and keep writing for the future.


Mind blowing

I don’t know much how to write a mind blowing entry. I just anything that interest me up until today. Not more than that. I write anything that I read, observed and learn. Not more than that.

My target is to write 300 words of essay every single day. First is to train myself to write. When I’m comfortable about it, later I will upgrade it to write more meaning essay. There is always steps in learning.

Maybe I talk nonsense in my writing, but at least I get a hand on what I can write in English. It is sure hard to write in English. Aiming to get 300 words are far more hard than I can think of.

Mind blowing entry maybe related to experience of what I had. Maybe things that I can relate myself with the readers all around the world get to know me. Kind of superb if I can do that right?

To write mind blowing articles, I need to have mind blowing mind. Is it? Hahah. I’m not sure about that. What I’m sure is that if I read more, I will get more ideas to write. I can add more elements in my writing so that I can happily read it together with my readers. That is what I can called mind blowing. An article that can be shared together with me and readers.

It just I need to focus then. Sometimes, or maybe most of the time I lost focus in writing. I keep telling myself that I need to focus while writing. Oh maybe because I forget to draw the draft first. I suddenly jumped and write anything I want making me easy to lost while writing.

Ok. Now I will try my best to draw up a draft before I write in English. I promise.

Increasing the spirit within

I need some spirit again to be increased in order for me to write well. I become demotivated easily just by not writing any single article a day. Uh. Looks like I really need to take a major management in preparing myself to be a great writer.

Yup. My big aim is to be a quality and great writer. I want my name to be well known inside and outside country. Maybe this seems sooo not real, but hey, everybody need big dreams so that they can target it higher.

It will be a waste if I just target to be a normal writer. I need to keep challenge myself that I can write better. I need to convince myself that I do have talent in writing. I just need to unleash the talent within me.

Spirit writer. Where the heck I can gained it? One this for sure is that by writing, I eventually get some new ideas of life. It is like I talk with somebody that really love to hear what I talk about. She listen to me carefully with love. Oh how I love to write.

Well, if you love to tell stories, you know by what I mean by that.

Yeah, I know. Sometimes I do talk nonsense. But hey, that is part of me. You will never ever change me. Throw stick and bone, yet I still strong. Oh… suddenly Katty Perry song emerge inside my head. Kind of freaking me out!

Spirit writer need to search the soul within. As far as I concern, I can write. But how to write better, is what I need to know. I need to do a lot of exercise.

Hmmm. Writing nonsense like this can be my exercise than? Oh well, at least I write clear sentences. Blabbering something can be a good start you know.

Knowing by doing it

Recently after reading a book about how to write an article gave me a new look of reading an article. Before this I wonder why an article when I read I feel it is good. I just don’t know where the good is.

Then when I read how to write a quality article, I realized that, writing do requires knowledge of reading and copying other’s work. Not by doing plagiarism but by taking their writing as example for me to write better.

I subscribed to 3 type of magazine. One is Time Mag, second is National Geograpy Mag, and third is Knowledge Mag. The 3 mag are great magazines with great articles. It just not all articles are good within the scope of Malaysian. Most of them are bias with the Western world.

Well, the mag do come from them after all. So they do what ever they please to let the Asian thinking that the Western is the best. That is why I can’t take all the information in their articles bluntly. I don’t want to idolize them. The Western is just the same as us, human.

Anyway, back to the topic. Now when I read, I will find what this author want to talk about and his point of view. Every author has agenda in bringing readers to their perspective. I too need to understand their style. Each author has their own style in writing whether it is new journalism of writing or the classic one.

One thing for sure is that, by reading and analysing their work, I will eventually improve my writing and get a better understanding of English writing. For me, I can read, but how do understand by reading is another question to answer with.

Learning is a long time journey. We will learn until we are no more in this world. So why should I stop learning even I had graduated from school, right?

Improving my English

Yeah, that is what my supervisor had told me just this afternoon. He said that most of his students, master or Ph.D, can’t write well in English. He is concern about it. He advised me to start improving my English. Well, I’ll try Dr.

Now I try to write from Manglish to English. It just sometimes I get confused between the present and past tense. In Malay, it will more easier as there is no word change in present or past tense. This also the same with Mandarin.

Then I understand how can I improve my writing and understanding better of English. First of all, I must read a lot. It doesn’t matter whether it is English or Malay reading materials as long as it improved my knowledge.

Then I need to write more. By writing I will eventually know what I’m lack of. I can compare my writing with any quality articles I read. Of course I need to compare it with the language I read. If I write Malay, then I compare it with Malay. If I write English, I compare it with English. It is as simple as that.

Then I too need to start analysis the situation around me. I need to start reading newspapers. For this, I choose to read English newspapers only. I hate to read Utusan Melayu. Too much propaganda. Most of them are useless for my mind to know about. Boo for them.

Maybe I can read the Star and News Straits Times, if I have time to read both. Then I need to prepare a notebook special for this. Oh, I do have one notebook special for this. I better use it rather than left it there in the cabinet.

With that, I can also practice my mind mapping skill. There is no fast skills to learn than practicing it as what people always said, practice makes perfect.

Ignorant is bliss

I can’t say it can be true but yet I can’t agree it was wrong. The statement really tells me something about life. Sometimes I need to be ignorant in what people do or else I wouldn’t get the bliss.

This all started when I start to feel irritated with two idol that I had followed via their facebook page. I know they post good things but it just that I felt threaten by their success. I became jealous. Syaitan start to whisper into my ears saying bad things about them.

I don’t like that. They are good person. Why should I hate them? Before anything goes to worst, I unlike their facebook pages. I want to be ignorant for this. If I keep following their post, I might said something bad about them. I don’t want to make sin out of it. They just do what they need to do. Telling good things to people.

After I unlike their page, the bliss really come to me. Alhamdulillah. Now I can fulfill my time with more things to think about rather than feeling my heart with hatred to them.

Hei, I too good at writing. I can write even better than them. I can think even better than them. But should I criticize them for that? No. I don’t even have the credibility to criticize other as I don’t even contribute anything.

Ya I know. I have blogs. Maybe I can criticize them via my blog. But will my voice be heard by others? I don’t think so. I need to build my fame and fortune slowly by sending articles through all sort of publisher in Malaysia.

While that, I need to discipline myself to write more than 300 words of essay every single day in English. With that, I must improve my English writing more and more. I can’t wait and hope that I will better than them or else I will be doomed like others who only like to criticize but do nothing about it.

I’m part of the society and not consumer of the society.

Dignity within me

Well, I too have dignity or maybe it is ego. Recently I had a fight with my sister. Now we are not talking to each other. I have ego to cover although I know I was wrong. Sometimes silent can kill a relationship.

There was a story I watch about a girl who had a fight with his father. It was just a small fight. The girl decided not to talk to her father because of that. For more than 5 years they didn’t talk although both of them have cool down. It just the bricks have reach to walls between they relationship.

The girl start to talk to her farther only after he had heart attack. They talk at hospital. It start slowly yet then they just can’t stop talking. It was like they had a long list of things to talk.

Do I want it to become like that? I don’t want until an accident occur to me or to my sister than I will talk to her. That will be a heart wrenching moment. But you know, right, I have dignity, or I can say ego.

I still haven’t paid my share in her house. I felt guilty because I keep telling people how good reading is yet I doing nothing to gain income out of it. One thing for sure is that I’m afraid. Afraid of rejection. How can I afraid of that if I never ever tried to send even one article to any publisher. How lame it is, right?

I need to start working and I need to read more and understand more. I can’t just read and not trying to gain income out of it. I don’t want to waste my time, yet I waste my time on facebook. How lame is that?

Typical student who love to procrastinate I am.